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My Values


I care about financial prudence with respect to investments, operations, and revenue sources.  Budgets are to be crafted that represent community priorities and sound stewardship of every taxpayer dollar.


Future generations deserve an environment that is at least as healthy as the one we now enjoy.  Better yet, one that is in better condition and improving as generations pass.  We now have eagles flying in Kirkland skies.  I never saw an eagle while growing up here.  DDT had destroyed their reproductive capacity.  Soaring eagles demonstrate a huge environmental improvement, the kind of improvement we owe our grandchildren. 


As a diverse community we have ongoing and growing opportunities to embrace differences with care and kindness.  I believe we are a better, more sustainable, society if everyone has a place at the table and feels respected and included.


We each have our views and they rarely are exactly the same as someone else’s.  To prosper as a community all views need to be heard and respected.  That said, to move forward as a community decisions must be made.  That will mean decisions made after healthy communication, debate and compromise. 


We have great schools that serve as community hubs and bring together families around friendship, creativity and inspiration.  Our well-educated young adults will take their turn crafting Kirkland as a community they are proud to call home. 


I rode my bike all-over Kirkland when I was 10-years old.  I value the feeling and reality of safety and security I had then and believe it is vital to our community.


This is simple – I believe honesty and integrity is at the core of trust; trust between public servants and the people they serve. 


We are each equally entitled to dignity, respect and opportunity


All of us should find a way to contribute to the greater good.  Each should do so in their own way and in their own time.  

PO Box 2832, Kirkland, WA 98083
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